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aesop rock – defender lyrics


alex up the street called, said he saw a bobcat
keep the pets inside, notify your contacts

[verse 1]
new salem
brave new voodoo
wave a witch hammer in a haven for the woo-woo
a paper china dinner, mostly picking at my st-tches
the bl–dy hair bad code, bunny ears dad jokes
b-tch about lamictal to whichever vix will listen
skin rash to schism, a million rash decisions
in truth, he had a ‘capital-t terrible’ two days
that chewed his plumage to the root
and proved a prequel to malaise
a feuding he was brewing blew up in his face
he’d been replaying the scenario for days
with the variables replaced
wolves are in the sky with more diamonds than the carpet from the shining
part riot, part orion
we jarred a lot of lightning up
shook a turkey leg or ten
maybe we deserve a day of rest
not to mention…

alex up the street called, said he saw a bobcat
check your trash can lids, notify your comrades
i said, “i’ll take first watch”
one am defend the whole block

[verse 2]
ayyo to coyotes, summon the ghosts of lone diotes
open to moving like a luchador with no eyeholes
fried b-tter, pipes froze, life goes lovecraft
christ pose, sitting on invisible hubcaps
call alex back, daggers in the dazzle patch
tell him, “maybe less badminton, more scrabble dash”
“less darts more rummikub,” whatever
keep the scallywag wrapped up in the subterfuge
gussied up, guarded, and wearing the same armor as the night he argued ’til he dapped his mans up at departures
i could drive into a lake of fire
pay the piper cod
wear the pot and kettle shop, a little toxin equally, at least
it’s probably more the kid than the kid
either way a vital widget in the system is sick
i see the symptoms in the hinges, hit the room all at once
all i could do was plug the roof with my gum
for now i gotta…

call alex back, coyotes in the castle gr-ss
tell him, “maybe less freeze tag, more hack-n-slash”
i said, “i’ll take first watch”
one am defend the whole block

[verse 3]
so a third party, who is incidentally not alex
seen a black bear cattywampus by the college campus
soon the safety propaganda clamps breeds on leashes
no compost, bird seed out of feeders
make a lot of noise when you frolic under the ether
keep a hand on the pepper spray
sneakers on the detour
they’re more scared of you, than you them
although, one of us chews limbs, and one has two chins
leave a couple messages, vomit a couple dollar bills
guilty innuendo romanticizing the potter’s field
not sorry, but i never really was a leader
found money in the speaker, bought lower manhattan pizza
you meet a few exceedingly forsaken
sit around the cooler refusing domestication
a couple decades p-ss and you can’t even find the wavelength you was on when you was running one am
by the way…

a third party, who was incidentally not alex
seen a bear put a thousand chickens in a pot with carrots
i said, “i’ll take first watch”
one am defend the whole block