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æther – nightmare lyrics



lemme tell you how it is
all from the same place
we all tryna win
coupe so sick they tryna
see thru the tint
feds on my ass wanna see who it is
we out here, maken money off sin
b+tch ina blaze that started as a flint
swag so clean can’t even spot a lint
b+tch im the sh+t can’t eben chew a mint

f+cken on these hoes
i dont even kiss
sippin’ on on syrup
i don’t even mix
listen how i flow
i believe in this
when i gotta go
i don’t leave this sh+t

make it on my own
i don’t need no b+tch
dont need friends
these n+ggas finna switch
see me in a benz
hope i never hit a l!ck
that’s just the way it is

b+tches in my bed
they don’t even know my name
gone as soon they come
leave with no shame
girl i know what you said
i don’t got no time for complaints
ima get my bread till i’m dead
ever since the change
things never been the same


these hoes think they know
they assume
trustin no thots
they be f+ckin way to soon
b+tch, im gone overseas to the moon
sippin slow, dodgin hoes, blowin fumes

in my city, i be flippin packs
these b+tches love me
its only for the racks
who want a broke boy
homie, thats a fact
you ain’t tryna hear it
cuz you don’t even stack
better bring my change
yeah, better be exact
askin about your girl
like i know where she at

if ain’t about money
than it ain’t about these hoes
she don’t make bread
then she gotta go

ain’t the type dude
to buy these b+tches clothes
ain’t the type of man
let hoes in my plan
im’a different breed
mothaf+cka understand?

that’s just the way it is