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agsg – transgression lyrics


[verse 1: franzandre]
picking p-ss-es on the streets, ya
want some beef instead of meat, ya
about to fully complete all my deals with my shooters, ya
what’s your price, don’t eat gluten, ya
i don’t play, ain’t getting cooler, ya
buying all that brands for my girls, that’s not problem, ya

[verse 2: illegal_b0y2020 aka gumi]
drunk thots in the caravan, yah
fake b-tch with a spray tan, yah
they say, my love, i want you back, yuh
i tell ’em only for a rack, yuh (ouh)
got the benz in the back, yuh (ouh)
n-gg-s call me with a strap, yuh (ouh)
off a xanny for the night, yuh
half a day late for the flight, yuh
check, check, check, check, check
for the first threat on a sight, yuh (ouh)
i’m still in love with you, man
even when you’re with the next man, yuh
throw us back to the first night (ya)
i got your trust in my left hand (aye)
take your -ss to the bedroom (ya)
finesse the p-ssy with my right hand
(ya, aye, ya, ouh my b-tch she might need a..)

[verse 3: eromanga]:
black on black phantom, i would pull up in it (yuh)
tug your head up, i put a bullet in it (yuh)
n-gg-s always screamin gang, gang
but they’re not gang, i knew he wasn’t with it (yuh)
protect all b-tches and silence (ooh)
i pray that these n-gg-s get guidance (ooh)
she top me while i move the mileage (ooh)
religious, ’cause my b-tch a goddess (yeah)
in the 6, getting throat like a lozenge (yeah)
my cell phone switch to rogers (yeah)
ain’t no cash then don’t bother to call me (yeah)
ain’t no digits then it don’t involve me (yeah)
all these lead’s to rob me (yeah)
if you burnin’, can’t trip in the lobby (yeah)
my st-tches and zippers, it’s balmain (yeah)
pour lean up and sip it like coffee (yeah)

[chorus: eromanga]
triolinguo yeah i’m popping on the diamonds they gon’ flop
fake sh-t wanna get in my life especially i don’t let it be, yeah
crossed the ocean
need emotion
hope her name’s gonn be mary
yeah that’d be funny but you know nothing about me

[bridge: gumi]
my b-tch, she might need a visa
i got her tongue in scissors
business is kinda a lizard
dying inside it’s bizarre
ma b-tch a besoin d’un visa
j’ai eu sa langue dans ciseaux
d’affaire est un peu lézard
mourir à l’intérieur c’est bizarre
(i,i, i’ve money i can not bare)

[verse 4: gumi]
i have money i can not bare
now she laying and begging for pair
they calling but why should i bother
finessing invoices like thousands
asking the price for what?
my account can buy you some houses
speeding up that f-cking ex-race
divorcing you take away ”heart house”
who dat?
smoking gelato but i ain’t remember to callin him
so what?
don’t care if he’s ballin my bas-m-nt is not for men
you can rob me and i still don’t care
just ask me believe me i’ll share
‘raris are good but i’m in the air
you jealous but i’m just a real prayer

i can stay till my ice is on me
i can stay till my account’s with me
on the league and i am on k!lling spree
if u peek then your, blood, ice on me (x2)