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aidan woods – age 15 lyrics


[verse 1]
age 15 was the age i started weed and age 16 was the age i became a fiend
then came 17, the year i od’d and now im onto 18, just chasin a few “dreams”
who knows if i’ll reach 19 after living like this
throwing away my life just to feel a little kiss
i’ve always caused trouble and i hope to see a glimpse
of a brighter future whether it’s for myself or my kids
maybe i can change, maybe it’s not too late
all i know is that i can’t sleep until about 8
am and it’s k!llin me;
financially, academically, and now relationships i mean really?
what am i doing f-cking around with this mentality when i know my full potential is 20 times what it be…
if i would just wake up
i’d realize that these eyes inside i have been deprived by my idealiz-
ations, and as a result of that i think ima have to leave the nation
maybe i’ll kick it back in dubai
smokin sheesha instead of rollin trees up…
as for now, i can’t leave
i gotta pay back the deeds done for me

[verse 2]
you know, when i start to look back at these marks on my map, i start to feel sad that i never fought back
i could’ve been great, could’ve had it all
but instead i od’d a combo with f-cking adderall
this was the first flag that should’ve changed my course
i should’ve thought long and hard to find out where the source
was coming from but i just didn’t care
i was impaired and scared and was starting to lose hair
but if i could, i would, i’d go back and change
all those things that i did that did damage to my brain
cuz it never hurt me but it caused a ton of pain
to my mother, my father, even my siblings felt the same