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akil hamilton – good vibes lyrics


(verse 1)
i didn’t come to throw shots
i didn’t come to throw shade
but if you really wanna try me
baby please don’t tempt meee
it’s all about his glory
i don’t care bout what you say
read my shirt, not today
you can thank kb
that’s the slogan, hga
i got swagger with a difference
brick by brick
you see the build
you couldn’t stop me if you tried
cuz i’m blessed to be alive
i made the biggest life investment
your impatience is your weakness
this is bigger than a movement
i ain’t saying im the greatest
or the best to ever do it
but i’m fighting till i’m done
some prolly won’t & i respect it
america the great
this the place of big dreams
but i guess you don’t get it
you can’t flex when you’re deceased
so when i wake up every day
i’m always thankful for his grace
that’s the one who reigns high
he makes waves in a low tide
his grace is sufficient
he treats me like his own son

i luv god i love life
i just want to get it right
keep on praying for me
keep on praying for me

(verse 2)
he loves me thru my rachetness
to put it in perspective
i really couldn’t fathom this
i guess this is the right time
some people play around with politics
so watch me pull a kapaernick
snapping like i’m thanos
catching wins, check the rings
you’re looking at a masterpiece
i’ll lead you to the sculptor
i do this for the culture
labels sell us with the lies
try to tell us it’s a vibe
i won’t stoop down to that level
you can watch me take flight
just like the eagle wings
i soar
soul spitter
rhyme sayer
iconic flow
i’m in my lane
i’m off the charts
a fast dash
a track star
you in my heat
just take a seat
i been moving on the low
got no time for yall fakes
i’m a young black male
sharing only good vibes
i was raised in the church
with a very strong heart
i got loyalty & royalty
its in my dna

i luv god i love life
i just want to get it right
keep on praying for me
keep on praying for me