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akinyele – ak ha ha! ak hoo hoo? lyrics


ak ha ha! ak hoo hoo?

it’s the ak ha ha, the ak hoo hoo [akineyle]

[verse 1:]
yo, y’all know what’s about to happen
when i proceed to give you what you need and the ak start rappin
i throw rhymes like children throwin b-lls on project bricks
in other words i be kickin that old off the wall sh-t
i don’t rehe-rs- they don’t come better than
i don’t need light, cuz i’m a late night person like david letterman
you know the whole repoitoire not far from a star
baby pah, the ak can shine like armorall


[verse 2:]
akineyle, producing more stunning hits
so call me ex-lax, cuz i’m about ready to start runnin sh-t
toss and turnin ya, watch ak burnin ya
you can’t hold your own you f-ck around and catch a hernia
so don’t sleep, nor yet drowsing
my name itself bring more heartbeats than robert townsend
i hurdle over rappers like a stallion
carry it back with more fame than debbie allen, n-gg-


[verse 3:]
my lyrics’ll reign real bright so dim the lights and it won’t get duller
it doesn’t take rosie perez to see my living color
i rain over heads just like an umbrella
so strong that baby’s boosted and i’m fuller
history in the making, never one for backspins
throw and kneel, but you’re still, mc’s i be breakin
ak sanitation
i leave skid marks on the concrete streets
from all the brothers that i be scr-pin


[verse 4:]
permanent scars as i sabotage
my style’s so milky i should get down with haagen-daaz
more heatwave than a do rag does to a caesar
give a thermometer a temperature of jungle fever
george like wheezy
cuz i be burnin brothers just like, the neighborhood skeezer
once the hip-hop strangeler
i throw your whole rap on a coat rack kid and just hang it up


[verse 5:]
so step to the ak-er, the hip-hopper
and get your -ss kicked like a game of soccer
skills are fatter than a grease spot
cuz i love to rock that nasty home-cooked hip-hop
i watch girls check it, i make b-tches wanna jump b-tt-naked
like the doo doo brown record
but now i peep on low and they have to stop
when they hear my name, the motherf-ckin ak