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akthephilosopher – graduation (song) lyrics


(verse 1)
the flow sick and no cure in the world could treat this,
im about to serve a platter, now watch as i sneak diss
to the hands of a man with no knowledge,
still in high school but next year ill be in college
am i prepared? thats a question most ppl ask
well are you scared? big city, windy’s the forecast
man im so prepared you ain’t even had to ask,
but thanks, talk to you later onto my next task,
like gotta p-ss math, what about that?
never understood the cl-ss
became a distract, not saying i’mma quit
want you to know that,
you see failure is a gift it only leads to success.
just check, but i can’t wait for graduation
cause at the end of the day, this what it’ll have me saying

[hook] hip hop hooray
(verse 2)
now lets look up into highschool, you might need a pen
a bookbag filled with notebooks, it really depends
so you can take notes, and let this sync in
just like your ipod given to you silver lining
figure of speech but please they belying
these poems i must teach the art of rhyming,
instead of being stuck in the house, eating ramen
and watch as others lead the blind
from the smoke they puffin
so inhale my dude, inhale my dude
naw were not friends, nor have to be cool
but how can we evolve, if were making the same move
you got it twisted, were gifted plus rhymes too
the blunt you twisting, ain’t gifted much as you
so stop the wishing and make a decision for next move
life is like a game of chess, see im making moves
life is like a game of chess, now you make the move

[hook] hip hop hooray
(verse 3)
ah snap, the boy almost making it to the finish line
a few topics might i discuss, for its dinner time,
like how about its crazy now and days tryna find a dime
but i see how they be, quick to wanna busta rhyme
as if they cops, instead of cold heartbroken
they change the whether just to make it hot
see im cold, and all she wanna do is drop
like the temperature never had before risen to the top
so i thought why not, the boy sick with the lyrics
you call noise in the room distracting an interference
as i quench her thirst, she asks for a replinensh
nbl on verse, a thought most should of mention
brought back this verse to show talent is given
if you put in work im sure it’ll make a difference
be proud of you, who cares if its not sufficient
your a natural born leader to be carried out by ambition
farewell to my compet-tion, no longer needed
as long this pens my sword than absorb and record what your given,
aboard now to the horde, who explored their decisions
i leave notes if im bored, turn towards my composition
like, dont you know. you reap what you sow
sometimes in life you feel high, most times you feel like you low
always quick to make up -ssumptions, think that know
spread the message in two years, i’ll be touching the globe

[hook] hip hop hooray