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aladdin – nothing like a friend lyrics


i parachuted down
into the taj mahal
i rollerbladed
along the great great wall!
i even made the famous
leaning tower fall,
but who was with me through it all?
the moscow circus
hired me to fly trapeze
on mount olympus,
ran a race with hercules
it’s easy when you’re chased by killer bees!
who said “geshundheit” when i sneezed? -achoo-
so now i’m home,
home again with you,
you chase the clouds away
whenever i am blue

(“you’re always blue!”)

and though the pyramids,
i highly recommend
there is nothing in the world
quite like a friend!
slept like a babe in bombay
on a bed of nails
moroccans love my daring dance of seven veils
of seven veils
i single-handedly
i even saved the whales!
no one was there to hear my tales!
in acapulco,
joined a mariachi band
i rode the ragin’ rapids
down the rio grande
flew in a air balloon,
but when i tried to land
n-body laughed,
or lent a hand
without you, the amazon is
just a trickle
without you, the sahara’s
not so hot
without you, niagara falls
is just a leaky faucet
the huey ii
is just some yacht
now that i’m home,
home again, it’s clear,
all i ever wanted
seems to be right here
i’ve traveled east and west
and now, i’m back again
there is nothing in the world
quite like a friend…

there’s nothing in the world

nothing in the whole wide world

there is nothing in the world
quite like a friend!
nothing in the whole wide world!