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alex jones (rapper) – together lyrics


[verse 1:]
yeah, this world we living in tell me what went wrong
and who’s world are we really in tell me what what’s going on
so when people are hungry people are starving people they got no gr-ss in the garden
people they work too hard too much graph, while the other half laugh
people they sleep outside in the rain praying that life going to change
life is a dream for so many people tryna stay warm each night they’re the same
better off locked inside of a cage when pain is life and you’re locked in a cycle
so many find that life is a maze and we wonder why so many people roll for survival
i see people pipeing the rock, i see people hyping a lot but i know deep down those people wanna be right not wrong
we all want to feel accepted respected and feel protected but so many people they feel rejected i know the way the law works feels real selective
so many feel dejected life just p-ssing by so many nights when the people ? and its got us asking why
well i’m just stating the facts so you can’t hate me for that
good luck if you try to stay for a flat when i’m raping the wage cause i’m taking it back
and we should be grateful for that, multi-nationals pay no tax
angry cops blazing straps and a man gets shot cause his face is black
what kind of place is that where they make a man feel his race is criminal
and life for some is a miracle and you might have to work hard just to make the game livable
situation critical we are on downwards spiral, the worlds in pain and all other signs are vital
we all need more love more patience more trust
more empathy for the man in need believe me we need more faith in us
cause right now we’re stuck in the mud and i don’t know if love is enough
have we gone too far, have we f-cked it up which world we heading
n-body knows im betting, one thing is for certain, n-body’s going to heavan

[verse 2]
this world we’re living in who knows what went wrong
and whos world are we really in citizens ain’t got no jobs
holding the world in my finger tips tryna keep the grip to hold on
i let go and explode i blow when i drop like the boston bombs
my? should be off then on traumatized try to figure what went wrong
warning signs telling me its gone to long trust you won’t last if you’re not head strong
we needa give more take less and consider what we got not one
think of each other as sister or brother just slip from the gutter you gotta be strong
living in the land of the lost playing hand or stand there and watch
fiends tick more than the hands on a clock and fiend could do anything he can for a dot
so i stick with a family i got lucky that i’ve never been abandoned i drop i stand and respect to the man that i plan on my fans still check every gem that i drop
are we in this together gimme a shot and ill give you one better the vision ive got is as vivid as ever i’m hoping this picture is with you forever
society dying from imminent terror the west really ain’t doing sh-t but to let ya
kids in commission conditions and living these living conditions ain’t sh-t getting better
so what we perceive are the deepest slums are really a dream of peace and love
for the people seeking freedom fleeing their region and we want to leave them stuck
the peace in the middle east rebuilt up the deep you can feel the grief seeing em stuck
sink to k!lling their own people in blood just believe in innerpeace your freedom will come trust

[verse 3]
i’m sick of the tv depressed by the news it’s all propaganda evading the truth
they want us sleepy aiming to snooze tyrannical governments do as they choose
fighting third world countries how could we loose, sell them guns cause we got the nukes
we’ll take the lithium gold and crew now get out ya house and give us ya food
give us a minute but we’ll take two that’s how it works i’ve seen how we do
divide and conquer historys proof you’d have to be blind to not see the clues
no we’re mindful that money is survival
but i’ve had an eye for the people being real spiteful spilt blood in the name of an idol
i been suffering after flea and become sc-m when they live on the streets
while we have a queen who lives in a f-cking palace with a golden seat
and she had the cheek to mention austerity in her speech
seems the fruit don’t fall tko far from the tree thats peak
literally shes the voice of greed descendant of the biggest thieves the historys seen
half of the reason half of these countries are up sh-t creek. ?
where the? is cheap as the coffee beans the sugar the rice the spice and tea
survivals the instinct and powers the greed cause they can’t separate work from need