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alexander louis – the god in me lyrics


the god in me could never settle such stuff
put that on trust

put that on trust

put that on trust

never said too much i let you tell me your plan

then i move accordingly for better or worse
well always better for me of course

stay on course with or without some

selected few get to see the final outcome

how come few wants the best out of life like me

i came to terms there’s not many quite like me

swimming w/ sharks in these city streets

i got respect from ink tears on the faces that project fear

never switch places because my diamonds wouldn’t appear

i saw them in a rough state

i’m talking they were always there

i hope i made that clear

it’s always our year

very very very rare
it’s okay to stare

i pray for safety, wisdom, professionalism, prosperity & a good attitude

everything i wish on myself i wish for my family & friends
amen it goes on & on & on

please lord keep my alert till the end

not a kid no more no time to play pretend

some people lost in the smoke & can’t decide when to begin

check me w/ grin reaping what i sow & sow a lot

got hot now everyone studying my plot

following my cookie crumb but the secret is being yourself

something i’ve been blessed w/ signing off

never gone too long

mad stressing my direction steady correction homie stay on course stack money of course but don’t make it everything. watch it all fall by the fall
tripled up now you balling!!!!!!!!!

replaying my day

i been talking to myself
replaying my day
i’m sorry if i’ve been distant
i’ve been miles away

replaying my day

the only present under the tree was a swisher sweet if you know what i mean!

can’t sleep i be living those dreams
don’t close my eyes don’t wanna miss a thing if you know what i mean

you rushed the process & we can tell!!!!

if y’all sending shots ima send me right back. y’all just mad y’all never stayed on track. smoking crack on hubbard. haha

everyone patted down before entering the building
a lot on the line if it don’t add up we out the back to the sprinter

my pants only sag cause i got blue faces in my pockets

we worlds apart but you still in my mind
can’t see you no more gotta leave that behind for you & i

you said i give you goosebumps. hi
said the music so godly you lose anxiety & can be yourself
what a moment in time all my darkest of days gave you all sun shine