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alexander rybak – presents lyrics


who’s that girl by the christmas tree?
with a smile so cute, she is looking at me
i think i’m in love, why don’t you introduce me?

i believe your mind has led you astray
cause the girl you see, she is looking my way
i don’t know her

but already she’s seduced me
i’d make her the happiest woman, day and night
but i’d never let her out of my sight
presents are waiting by the christmas tree
you can have them all, but this one’s for me

look at that lady with the curly hair
with the rum-pa-pum-pum of those ding-a-ling there
she’s the kind of person i admire

my dear old friend, get her out of your head
cause by christmas day, she’ll be in my bed
eating chestnuts that we roasted by fire
i mean, just look at her smile, she’s the perfect catch
and that’s the reason i’m her perfect match

presents are waiting by the christmas tree
those are for you, and this one’s for me

check out the girl in the lovely dress
she’s wearing that thing with such a finess
but she’s a he, so i wouldn’t even bother
okay, well who’s that lady singing christmas songs?
i’d love those lips to sing all night long
i’m delighted you fancy her, cause that’s my mother

oh. well, your mother’s nice.
yeah… i know.

there may be love songs, snowflakes in the air
but no matter the snowstorm, i’ll always be there
no matter the distance, near or far

my heart is yours, you lucky star
jingle bells, jingle bells, look at those jingle bells
i’m ready for brand new fairytales
as long as we’re adventuring together
you know that girls may leave
but friends will stay
and as long as you’re here, i’m feeling okay

presents are waiting by the christmas tree
they are for us
but this one’s for me