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allman brothers band – desdemona lyrics



rain falls upon a sleepy southern town
the midnight moon burning brightly
memories rush in like a river forlorn
as you lay sleeping without me #
highway song keeps me rolling on
still i long for you #


desdemona, i will be your only one
oh yeah

i make my living calling out my pain
trying to make it through another day
arms reach for me on the wind i can feel it
they’re a thousand miles away #
yours eyes remind me of everything beautiful and blue
and i won’t feel myself till i’m with you #


break (double time)

so hold a candle till the darkness fades
nigh time sleeps but not for long
my heart is pounding like the ocean my soul’s empty as the sky
but i know someday i’ll be coming home #
time goes by in the twinkling of an eye
still i pine for you #


i just wanna be your only one
i just wanna be your only one
your only one