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ambré – risk it all lyrics


[verse 1]
you could be the one
i’m willing to jump
i’m tired of lying
all this time, we put up a front
yeah, i’m right again
(yeah) i knew it was something
we fighting it (fighting it)
i step in the room and you staring me down like i knew you would
oh yeah
something bout the way you play your game
make me wanna give you everything

i’ma risk it all
i’m risque
i’m risking it
i’m risque
yeah, i’ma risk it all
i’m risque
mm, risking it all for you

[verse 2]
yeah, i know you feel a light breeze
i’m just tryna maybe keep it cool
i need me a jawn, yeah, you the one
everything i saw coming
yeah, you right again
not fighting it
i’m sorry for all the times i ran away
i touched down and you came through like i knew you would
oh yeah, take me there, lately you
drive me crazy i’m waiting for the right moment to make my move
call me when you’re ready i’m around baby

i’ma risk it all
risking it
risking it
(risking it all)