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amet2111 – fuck the new world order lyrics


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f-ck the new world order
we were born to rule
not born to serve
yall missin a big shot
you dont own my soul
go to h-ll and dig a hole
and burn burn burn
f the n w o
coming from the underground coming from the underground

im only seeing f-ggots who know sleep and creeping on a guy/
is what they desire and dream of peeing slowly on beings disguised/
shameful emcees wit’n meaning by their own lies we grow sleepy ey’d /
painfully tired and emcees have been lyrically rewired, shy/
to face the politics these emcees spell ‘s e ‘x’ and dont expect/
our population to increase by the exponents and we get/
mad at this incident and they control our president except/
we should reject their principle they reppin n w o not n w a/
again you struggle to pay and you struggle to own and days grow gray/

50,000 dollar you owe at birth the only thing you dont know is you own the earth/
we ain’t born to serve we were born to rule so screw your rules pick bones and coerce/
so f-ck your extortion and f-ck your abortion this world is disproportionate/
sorrily but it is just apples and oranges i hate the rockefellers and rothchildren/
hip hop has lost its origin and gone goth celebratin in hate and death our soul is frostbitten/
being aware and boycotting and protesting will elevate but as patrick henry said give me liberty/
or give me death this is what the new world orders and we decide the world of tomorrow allow no sorrow/

is this really what you wanted is this really what you had wanted is this really had wanted
your soul has grown so wanton the whole world is waiting for the underground
they should be lookin above us they should be lookin above us for the answers
same song and same dancer cages and caskets surround us they plan to eliminate us
and make men g-y women hater and gang bangers so we never change ourselves
so f-ck the new world order