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amias – have love lyrics


you gone be the one i always have love for
know i gotta let it go
but still i push forward
cus you the only one who knows whats on the inside
you can read me like a book
through ya naked eye
man its crazy how it hurts so bad
and if it wasn’t love
why would you say that
i used to tell my friends how we go way back
thought you were the one
now i see a broken heart is all that had begun
im still picking up the pieces
im scared to fall in love
cus who knows if they really mean it
been feeling so defeated
and it never fails
how can something so amazing
be a living h-ll
i guess we had our fun tho
n i may of lost your love
but im still in your heart tho
n it truly broke my heart
because we didn’t last
maybe one day in the future
we’ll relive the past
for real

i can’t even lie to ya
girl i miss ya
tunnel vision
now i see the bigger picture
girl i said im sorry to ya
bout a hundred times
and id say a thousand more if it’ll make right
but theres nothing that could buy back time
didn’t keep receipt so im stuck with mine
the future is a gift
and its present time
hope it does me well
i just need a second chance
n only time will tell
girl im sorry for the past
i know i made mistakes
and the hurt will forever last
but can you please forgive me
cus im trying too
yeah i know i lost ya love
but i ain’t losing you
girl they gone have to shoot me down
they gone have to k!ll a n-gg-
id rather loose my life
then pretend that i never met you
cus you the best thing that ever happened to me
i just hope one day you truly see