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amphetamineabuser – puffin lyrics


verse 1: amphetamineabuser
if she packin a heart
im packin a fart (pffffpttt)
im puffin on pack
it smellin like shart
diamonds so wet
wet like a shark
puffin on woods
puffin on bark
im in your hoods
lettin it bark (woof)
im in the woods
lettin it spark
im in the trap
puffin on fart (ppffbbtt)
im in the trap
puffin on brap (pffbbttss)
you say you get money
but that is cap
verse 2: dtrill
and they was callin me so average
until i got that package
and then made it did a backflip
feelin like a savage
popped another perc 30 and that b+tch say im feelin flirty
while she lookin nerdy
and she wanna jerk me
i ain’t finna let her curve mе
ain’t finna let her use mе
i ain’t finna let her curve me