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andrew markley – gravel dust lyrics


verse 1
these old roads are a mess
gravel thrown to piles on the edge
no longer in shape to be of use
these backroads are begging to be new

oh, the stories it could tell
every pebble that jumped and fell
misplaced somewhere else
by travelers bound by some life’s spell

chorus 1
pave the roads if you must
the remnants will be dust
the stories and their lessons
will live on with each impression
as the asphalt breaks and chips
to reveal what once existed

verse 2
should we do away with wisdom?
respect belongs to those of youth
who the h-ll needs tradition?
your ancestors did nothing for you

do you see the painful truth here?
this normalcy we’ve grown like weeds
if we lose all that we’ve held dear
what will be left for us to teach?

chorus 2
cause i don’t trust these revelations
just like this asphalt thats breakin’
and we’ll repave as this tradition
from the cracks it keeps on peekin’
cause we know it won’t hold up
and we’re scared of gravel dust

verse 3
pardon me if you don’t mind
i have a thought if you’ve got the time
i think i understand why we’re so scared
of these traditions and grey hairs

we cling so closely to our truths
we worry what the old ways will do
our biggest fear is that they will
reveal to us what breaks out stilts

what if we’re just running away
from the truth we must face?
what if all our words are false
and we’ve fallen from grace?
well if that’s the case
i’ll visit all these dated graves
and start chippin’ away
to unearth the gravel dust