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anna pest – rotwomb lyrics


for every tear that stained her cheek
for every scar across her face
for every bruise across her chest
surely, you deserve to die
but i will let you live
yes, i will let you live
with your disease

you’ll never understand
this h+ll you put her through
you’re barely even human
and now, you’ll look the part as your sickness
carves out redemption from your flesh

ruthless and callous
shirking lovе for your
lecherous, wretchеd ways
you broke your promises
you broke her body
you broke her hope

you spread your filth too freely
and now your pitiful c+ck is infected
i’d leave you still and bleeding
but i will let this run its course
run its course
i’ll keep you barely alive in
these four narrow walls as
it eats away your body
and every day
i’ll watch as you slowly will rot

the earth will open
and swallow you whole
birthed into death
from this womb of rot

and when your eyes are rotting
i hope you’ll see
that you brought this
all upon yourself

i’d give you six months
before necrosis becomes irreversible
and as you rot between these narrow walls
you’ll beg for death

just be patient
it will come for you

paint it through
painted mires pore through
your skin
we will see this through
you called an angel a c+nt
but the c+nt is you

i will let you live
so i can watch you rot