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anne clark – killing time lyrics


stumbling words and stuttering lips
make the sentence complete
a death sentence complete

create h-ll out of hopelessness
confirm the failure of it all

falling and calling
falling and crawling
a stick in the ground scratches your name
a scream in the darkness is searching
again and again

watching eyes wait for sadness to rise
true superst-tions combine and thicken
this poison that reaches my soul
this terror that blackens my soul

i must smile at your strategy
and laugh at your plan
and the execution of it all

like death itself love is rotting inside of me
but there’ll be no protection for you – you cannot hide me

i am cold on a bed of ice
but like seasons i know it will p-ss
it will always return again though
a summer of love is a momentary and transient thing

winter will always return again
and i should have known
we were only killing time
now you have chosen you’re killing time
let’s hope you make the kill in time

lies fall out of your mouth like laughter
so shallow – it’s become so disposable
we had faith like a cross
we had trust like a flag
we had faith
we had trust
killing time