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anthony bezel – top down lyrics


top down/ see you/ bounce back/ elite crew/ depends on the terms we agree to/ somewhere down the middle we can meet you
dressed up/ gq/ when there’s no/ no need to/ show you what it is can’t deceit you/ on a run now it we running with a streak too

somewhere in the city i can meet you/ exchanges for the changes when we need to/ cost a pretty penny for a week too/ what you seeking will always seek you/ turning up then turn in out when i meet you/ late night rendezvous where you sleep boo/ going back to back for repeat too/ can’t defeat us don’t compete too/ concentration/ dedication/ show me love/ show me hatred/ i can’t fake it/ til i make it/ on the charts/ spots we taking/ sell tics like boston when we out in vegas/ for amounts that’s crazy couldn’t doubt the patience/ look at what the thoughts will consume/ look at what is bought to presume/


keep up/ dont need to/ when we been ahead/ and feet too/ critiquing/ what we do/ speak up/ when you speak to/ 100s on the paper like a geek too/ 20s 50s are the numbers we can read too/ seen us/ we see you/ we only need that/ we dont need you/ visiting venice/ can’t limit the limits/ chequing the balance/ then split the percentage/ check the winning percentage/ things getting relentless/ things was getting too reckless/ calculated expenses/ we made it out the trenches here alive/ turned 1 into 2 into 5/ flew low til we getting it high/ took all the signs that were working in disguise/