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apocalypse pony – sin eater lyrics


stand in horror at the clutches of the utmost evil
frozen in fear, filled with doubt, all our hope is fleeting
a prophecy foretold a future that’s shrouded in black
blood soaked symbols ignite to summon forth this demon
here’s the arrival of the sineater

one glance as the fear begins to slowly build
so shiver and tremble to the bone at the sight
as something grotesque looks you dead in the eyes
there’s no shadows to hide bеhind
until it consumes all the light inside
now еmerges a repulsive creature
death is not known to the sineater
thirteen wicked witches have begun to call this creature
black candles burning to summon the purest of all evil
a ritual in fire brings forth pain to the unworthy
consuming humans that it ultimately deems deserving

catastrophe starts the beginning of the end
as ancient fiends of blasphemy have begun to ascend
our sacred graves are desecrated and reanimated
our ancestors have become what they’ve always hated

we are no longer safe behind the walls where we hide
lurking to consume anyone that remains alive
they have no intent to leave any traces of our former lives
nothing but death is seen in their eyes

devour me
we become the undead
we become the undead

beg in darkness
plead for your lives
sineater release me
so please leave me alive

this is my tomb
the sineater will claim what has become of me
we stand no chance, we know we can’t survive
we have become the possessed vessels that its craves
we have lost the urge to fight for what is ours
i hear a voice screaming deep inside my brain
telling me to succumb to the darkness
to let the black ooze claim what’s left of my mind

there’s no shadows to hide behind
until it consumes all the light inside
now emerges a repulsive creature
death is not known to the sineater

the sineater walks with an army of the dead
there is nothing left to resist in the end
from the deepest, darkest layers of h+ll
it’ll never return to its former cell
sineater forever