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apokalyptic raids – never forget what you are lyrics


when i was young the frost covered the land
(there was the) venom of the kreator in every band
in an onslaught the carnivore wears spikes
masters of abomination and deathstrike…

voivods running wild and at war
a hammer from h+ll, a massacre
sacrifice the slayer in the pentagram
manowar, sodom’s mayhem

now the atlantic sea has dries (?)
whiplash, slaughter + never forget what you are!

i am old… but i feel younger, and hotter
and i’m still the same old cave man
i’ll always bang my head again and again


a bulldozer grinding ’till death
the sindrome of devastation and terminal death
mutilated, possessed by mantas
a sarcophagus, the mutilator’s chakal

destruction of the mercyful king on hallow’s eve
rigor mortis of the countess bathory
oblivion of the morbid angel…
exodus of the dark angel…
now they crossed the vulcano lands
exciter, reaching cirith ungol
never forgеt what you are! + never…