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árboles – crack rock mentality lyrics


[verse 1 – árboles]


i’m trapped in my mind
a life of crime, lacking time, chasin’ d-mned dollar signs…
wishin’ i could just hit rewind
no friends, just enemies in disguise, try’na take my life

and truthfully, i hate reminiscin’
put yourself in my position, no food up in the kitchen
visions of social division, and racial demolition
addiction, religion, prison, and gats with ammunition

it’s called crack for a reason
nineteen eighties, cracked off the reagan racial open season
try’na keep us blind like venetian
i see the divide, we all human so, why no cohesion?

all i see, is, the c.i.a’s dirty fingerprints up on my d.n.a.,
the seeds we laid
crack babies, decades
but keep it hushy little brother, or go m.i.a

five-o couldn’t care if you’re d.o.a
or od’d on ‘caine
but if you d-i-e it’s o-k cause it’s probably gang relate
that’s why i light up the spliff, to let my soul cremate…

i know it’s burnin’, as i inhale the fumes
lookin’ at the apartheid, the slaves, the jews
from cruise to blues, from rags to shoes
are you even there god, i mean we look to you

but don’t get sh-t back, but gang tats and setbacks
and when we try and speak up you wet out our air sacs
bubbles below me and i ain’t talking air max
rather cook drugs than be fed lies and bullcr-p

and that sums up my crack rock mentality
livin’ in a mixture of dreams and cold reality
smoke another bowl, immersed in the pageantry
my center of gravity revolve around the alchemy…

and that’s life…

shouts-out to dilla on this joint man… rest in peace

rip dilla