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arctos – a realm beyond lyrics


weight of mind, a moonlit night, to ponder
existence substantial?
or wasted stars given flesh?
unknown is to me, the meaning of this decay

created by fusion, in fires of heaven
the weight of their splendor
crushed like a dream
hear my cries, reveal to me
what came before?
what yet remains?
the only truth is that death has come…
and shall come again

of dust we are born and to dust shall we fall
entombed in existеnce until the dust calls
scream my namе, bleed upon the earth
dig deeper and crawl, be one with the dirt
dig into my body, burrow deep within
a cosmos awaits, vast and unseen
praise be to death, be consumed by the land
come forth now, seek the radiance within

scream with me, through to the night
the anguish is real of your bleeding heart
cast down from life’s temporary guise
with death, gain freedom to fly

darkness falls, the weight is lifted
time becomes still, my soul relinquished

the beauty of death, an eternal gift
a realm beyond, where all
shall cease to exist

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