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aries – skeletons (bos) lyrics


the dirt on my hands
i just wash it away
through the cracks in my fingers
i’m counting the days
till i get the call
i be doing the same
and if you think of the wise
that’s some fuel to the flame
that’s some fuel to the (yeah)

[verse 1]
storm, with the sound like this
hands on deck when i pound my fist
right when the night light on
flipping the script till i’m gone
i gotta go get it
i’m feeling like one in a billion
under the sun i’ve been blind
can’t see these colours
is this but a sign
making me wonder
i say it a trillion times
bringing your doom on the written
pushing the limits
who in the f+ck are you kidding (kidding)
i’m spitting that venom and leave when i’m blue like my denim
i’m already head of em
i’ll piece the puzzle and then i’m
back to the basics
rap got a lack of the patience (patience)
overly anxious
ruining all my relations
i’ve had enough of the angst
splitting a separate wake
can you feel it, i feel it
i’m not even there but in front of my face (face)
sniffin the gold like a villain
i don’t wanna skrrt like i’m wheelin
i’m giving my all
bigger the harder they fall
g never answer my call
gave em a second and then i move on to the finish
i’m taking my time, get the f+ck out my wheelies
you never listen, stick with the path that was given
i hang up my records like i’m on the guinness
book and i’m already in it
yeah, we chapter 9 b+tch (b+tch, b+tch)
that comes with no surprises
lean back and close your eyelids (lids, lids)
take flight with a moment of silence
the dirt on my hands
i just wash it away
through the cracks in my fingers
i’m counting the days
til i get the call
i be doing the same
and if you think of the wise
that’s some fuel to the flame
that’s some fuel to the (yeah)

[verse 2]
we brainless, tasteless
whatever you wanna say
see i found my place in the matrix
been on top until i get my guap
i never stop, got my head on lock
until i am on top (top)
hen to the money, young master
spit that stomach acid
holes full and back to the park
never wanted to be down but i had to drop
so go head mof+cker you the man
talking to myself cause a young buck can
so i get up outta bed and then i hold that thought for a second
put it on record i reckon that you might like this (like this)
yes, you might like this (like this)
that you might get em with the brand new high tight
i stand beside this (side this)
i can’t decide to hit em now
or charge it up, i’m barging in
who cares if i fall again
i’m falling in
i don’t get a call at all
and i’m blowing up but when i’m larger than the rest
n0body gonna ask for
n0body gotta break their back their back for me
i’m moving swiftly through deadly seas
so that everybody round me rest at ease
i stick with pits that i pay so
if you wanna just say, if you wanna just say so
i don’t never wanna lay low
i wanna play shows, see the crowd form like play+dough
till i get my pay tho, got my 44
said this, of course, in my element
i’m never gonna let them get ahead and settle it
i’m gonna get good along with the skeletons (skeletons)

the dirt on my hands
through the cracks in my fingers
till i get the call