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armani – pound cake cover lyrics


bomb b-tches gon’ be my photobombs
i’m about to blow up, who wants to blow the bomb?
if n-ggas wanna google search show ’em that the chrome is on
i just gotta make it like trey, but i’m never quoting songs
i’m no jehovah, just a profit
i gotta get that paper even if i gotta rob it
i’m blacking out until the black card is in my pocket
until then i’m just gonna shoplift
the way i snap, i should mascot for lacoste b-tch
i’m spittin’ the coldest, i want my t–th frost bit
sensodyne got the grill ready for wintertime
rap master in disguise, mike myers, been k!lling time
i need more checks, marks, and a lot of nikes
i’m in all black j’s at the finish line
my hypes beast, most beasts just a lot of hype
i like the cross bunnies that finish lines
if you really think about it then that’s white on white
i f-ck with that when they feel like they f-cking black
ballin is driving to score a bucket, in another bucket, rockin’ a bucket hat
sounds gucci my n-gga, i f-ck with that

i just came in the game but i’m gettin them buckets stat
when you ballin’ b-tches want the hard wood
they only wanna crash with you when your car good
that’s why i hit and run, keep it movin’
i leave em with full coverage and no insurance
my flow gets progressively better, i’m unique
so i don’t wanna drive it if it has more than two seats
i’m the best buy, that’s why my squad is too geeked, and we all about to act a -ss like two cheeks
have n-ggas thinking paul pierce was on the track, cause i’m mic’d up but this is how it sounds when the truth speaks
grab some b-tches and just kick it like some new sneaks
i stay smoking on that strong, cause listening to other n-ggas songs be having me too weak
thought they was puttin’ in work but puttin’ in they two weeks
leave ‘im in the pavement if he thinks he’s too street
pop him in the eyes, that’s a two piece

you have to give me credit, i discovered how to master cards
guess americans express who gets the blackest cards
about to break the bank just so i can have that card
you don’t really wanna sleep on me like if the mattress hard
i’m about to be big homie, that’s no diddy
i stay mile high n-gga, shoutout to my city
every other week i’m in the dispensary
loud, you don’t have to see what they dispense to me
i’m explicity the example of exemplary, so them with more dollars doesn’t f-cking make sense to me
work hard and signatures are autographs
best to only track progress through autographs
n-ggas time been over for time and a half
college kid, too much cl-ss, i have to get a lot of cash
i’m just looking for the broad with the broadest -ss
i love the sound when i pound cakes man
but really i’m just tryna drown in gold like a lakers fan
i’m so real dog, just chasin’ after the paper man
i hope my family don’t judge me while i take a stand
because an icon’s what i’m gonna be labeled as