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armani white – casablanco freestyle lyrics


[verse: armani]

f-ck your vinyl’s for the record, n-ggas love me on the stream/
hated on me while i’m broke, but now they jumping on the sling/
b-tch don’t ask if i’m coming to the coach i still don’t wanna meet the team/
b-tch don’t ask why i’m sleeping on the futon, b-tches f-cking on the king/
f-ck out my face with the okey-doke game, i think i’m just about ready to go/
petty hoes message, bottom read, it said giuseppe store/
every show, grabbing singing she don’t wanna let me go/
girl, why you pressed on telling me sh-t i already know/
b-tch i been had it bussing, b-tch i been that discussion/
don’t introduce me to your family, b-tch i been had your cousin/
come in with a thin thot and hit her with a rim shot, b-tch i been had percussion/
bet a n-gga couldn’t bomb on a track us if flex and bin laden touched it/
i got it out on a prophecy, and we shoot it out your property/
and i’m not describing misogyny, but my b-tch the baddest thing under the stars/
n-gga went from the broad chilling to the broad building/
with a tall, broad, bra, jaw built up/
with her carb, card, car, all filled up/
couldn’t picture my b-tch with a dog filter like/

father god how i get all these hoes to fall in line for me/
hit the slip, prescription d-ck and list it with the doctor fees/
p-ssy got so wet i had to slay that sh-t and wipe the sheets/
p-ssy got so wet i had to say that sh-t ain’t drop the beat/
i f-cked now, treat a buss down like a buss down/
touch down, she can touch the tree she one of us now/
f-ck lounge it’s only two people that i trust now/
and both of them n-ggas dead so simon says i’m by myself now/

pull up on a n-gga low key! get a gat, give the gat back to the k!llers/
heard your favorite rap od! get it right, give the trap back to the dealers/
spend a ticket on the pippen’s still don’t kick with a n-gga or b-tch that’s trynna fit in them margiela’s/ f-ck it!
i master the mask and the master p but the masterpiece ain’t finished till i’m sitting with the millers/ f-ck it!
gummo to gundam the color shade, issa color grade
under lil pump with the struggle braids take a number/
i don’t mumble, don’t come with no cutter, cut her
don’t come with no rubber, rubber grip under the russell lays/

-take a breather-

i’m starting to act like the old me/
i learned the game from the ogs/
i let them brag till they courtside/
lowkey, i need a spot in the nose bleeds/
wait a wait a wait a minute/ hey
waiter, steak and egg and chicken/ hey
serving, breaking, taking attendance/ hey
treat the eighth like table tennis/ hey
keep safe keep safe hoe/
cheese cake cheap dates hoe/
we hate these laaame hoes/
she ate? she paid for it!/
we can’t celebrate, we came h-lla late, my n-ggas don’t leave!/
we bring h-lla weight, feast and salivate, my n-ggas gon eat!/
key range h-lla cases, let t-pain delegate … sh-t/
every shot at the tw-t treat the box like box office/
still, i keep the knot that’s even if i cut the locks off it/
insanious brainy bane with a bruce wayne -ssist/
playing oujia with slim shady…..