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artv – message from jon (intro) lyrics


[jon from artv]
hey brad, it’s jon from artv. listen, giving you a call back here. yes, i got your message — all 18 of them. finally listened to the track last night and to be quite honest with you, i had nightmares. this- it’s something that i can’t even imagine ever listening to again. and, why you would think about including that on a tape is kind of beyond me. brad, you’re a smart guy. but this? this is not it, chief. please stop leaving me messages. stop hitting me up on aim. stop leaving me messages on my personal facebook page. and how did you even find my mysp-ce, brad? you’re contacting me from every which way. we’re cool, we’re friends. but please
if you want any honest feedback on it, you know where to find me. but for now, i’m just gonna have to leave it at that. bye brad