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asaf avidan – 613 shades of sad lyrics


what i say when i say that i miss you
is that i will always love me more
what i need when i bleed just to drown you
is that someday you’ll become a sh-r-

it’s my wave that will crave and will pull you
and another that will push you back
we will be just a sea they can sail through
they can split us but we never crack

on occasions our sea will swallow
613 shades of sad
and occasionally we’ll be just shallow
enough for them to see the things we had
20,000 different leagues of sorrow
they will surface but we’ll let them drown
and the moon will lift our holy bodies
and we’ll live as one

with the rate and the weight that i pound you
you will tell me that you understand
every sh-ll i’ll propel just to spite you
you will break it and you’ll turn to sand

we will be just a sea and a sh-r-line
we won’t need no words, we’ll have the tide
i will bleed and i’ll plead that i miss you
even though you’ll never leave my side