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aspects – musick & money lyrics


[verse 1:]
music and money you mother f-ckers know the time
i’m losing you dummies because i’m always on the grind
i’m usually b-mmy because i hide behind the facts
the realest you know i never hide behind the strap
i really be real, don’t give a f-ck bout how you feel
nigga is stupid talk dumb i throw up in you grill
i love when i’m smoking i’m paranoid
and the b-tch i k!ll when provoken
you and your boy is a snitch i talk like i’m lord
but you can find me doing 90 on ma way down 280
with a hundred police behind me i’m tommy [?]
nigga i throw up in yo mouth and send your -ss on vacation
and then i go up in your house
and i don’t get ma weed from 20th
and i don’t smoke dirty with dirty niggas i don’t be getting money with
and we go smoke an ounce to this
b’s up freeze up lil nigga now bounce to this
waddup dawg holla at your boy still thuggin
in the belly of the beast at the bottom
from the east to the west side worldwide internationally known
you know what it is thug love with a cop of commission
protect your name
roll it, just hit the ramp on the interstate
hold it, a bunch of game i can inequate
now hammer down wall pound in this [?]
no games when i come around i’m about the cake
i f-ck with triple ogs call it heads of state
drug smugglers and hustlers they carry weight
ma niggas ranching their mansion they [?]
me i’m bout expansion the baller plate
put the [?] in the air just to concentrate
i be the player of the year the one you nominate
i beat the niggas at your peer cause i dominate
or preach a call nigga [?]
and i’m standing at your door with a nine and a tech
be a motor outlawed the one you gotta respect
so ask white swans [?]
i been throwing big trees since you niggas was chillies

music and money is all i need they apart of ma family
and if you f-ck with ma family tree i guarantee that you be ip

[verse 2:]
you ain’t no friend to me we might as well be enemies
this outlaw shit is menacing and thug life is the remedy
real keep it real yeah you better be
and if you f-cking with ma money or ma family then you dead to me
without music i’d lose it’d be a k!lling spree
i’d literally be in the streets f-cking k!lling everything
when it comes to money these dummies is looking b-mmy
she [?] they ain’t go get nothing from me
and everybody wants something but nothing free
so unless they talking money tell these b-tches don’t talk to me
it’s the way it’s gotta be i’ve had ma share of poverty
so i gotta do it properly there ain’t nobody stopping me
so who better than goon music who won’t do shit
chose your battles wise or you’ll lose it
and when in time family evolve the problem be solved
we take it to the streets yeah take it to the asphalt


[instrumental plays]