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at peace – days like this lyrics


2 – days like this

all these happy people, everywhere i go they all around
i try to smile but all i want to do is just break down
the godd-mn is shining, everyone is smiling
looking at all these lovers, happy motherf-ckers
everybody getting married, while i’m getting carried
into a taxi, why are they all so happy?
it’s days like this, days like this, i feel the worst
it’s days like this, day’s like this, i think of her

we would lay up under covers while the snow fell
i remember how the cold felt, so warm
letting go of my old self, forgot how being alone felt
but now all i have is a memory, a shelter from the elements
coz help from my heaven sent angel is gone
?? and i, ?? when the days were long, when i gave up all my hateful ways
and all of that other sh-t and discovered the mother in your eyes
i could spend the night searching your soul trying to find my-
-self wondering if i’m going to be the type of guy
who could stick it out until we got old, hard to tell when you’re young though
and i know now, so what i wouldn’t give to get back somehow
but i can’t so until my memories fade like the mist i’ll forever hate days like this

it’s like thirty degrees and the birds and the bees
are rubbing dirt in my defunct dreams with their cheeseball songs
while they chirp, i hurt, burning my trees (as in weed i think)
in front of them like, f-ck you and your permanent leaves
that stay green all year long and flow in the breeze
without hurting the ?ego? before the other leaves
while my green lover leaves, my dirtiest deeds
the trees turn to dirt to the air that i need
so i breathe in a fresh breath, suppress stress
re-ssess get dressed get clean
and forget steph left, next step, next ?scene?
i’m too alive to let death get me down
well at least not today, let it be what it may
let ?? not afraid, believe not in grief, i believe what i make
of my life’s up to me, so i feed off the pain
and i’ll never forget her but know that it’s better to let her be
i’m happy i met her but know if i love her i’ll set her free
whether together forever or never to ever be
forever i’ll treasure the memory until the death of me
i’m devastated, man i’m desolated definitely
desperately down but now i know that it’s best if we leave it to necessity
but unquestionably, i miss you most definitely

on days like this
time never went so slowly
and i’ll never be so lonely
all these lovers in their daze
rubbing that sh-t all in my face
while i’m sitting all on my own
guess i might as well go get stoned, f-ck that
sh-t, she ain’t coming back to me, what’s happening?
and the sun keeps shining on me like it’s trying to sh-t on me, gotta be kidding me
days like this, days like this, i feel the worst
yeah it’s days like this, days like this, i think of her