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atmosphere – my notes lyrics


“my notes”

i saw the sun rise, then the green grew
weaving through the concrete cracks that we cling to
as long as i can hit my notes, i’ma
try to keep up with my folks
i smelled rain that brought the flash flood
with a river of permanent tear drops and rap hugs
bad luck, play with the effortless
so i backed away from quick benefits
she’d skin of those that spit venomous
yeah that’s him, he’s the one that tips generous
still trying to define my description
a life with a little spare time for living
but even if i wanna hold the position
i gotta go, like “daddy don’t know any different”
i saw the noon sky, look at the snow melt
i left most my baggage up in a hotel
as long as i can hit my notes, i’ma
travel down that gravel road
i heard a bird cry – it was pathetic
man, if you can fly, spread feathers like a message
as long as i can hit my notes, i’ma
stay on top this box of soap
i felt the track slip, but didn’t pull breaks
i’m half dead, but already got a full plate
as long as i can hit my notes…

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