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attica rage – long ride home lyrics


i’ve been away such a long time
a stranger out on the road
falling further away from
the life that i used to know
losing sense of direction
burning out of control
i know i need to come in out of the cold
and find my way back home

of all the people and all the places i’ve seen
there’s only one place i know
i’m coming back to where i belong
i’m on the long ride home
the long ride home

i feel the distance between us
there’s still a long way to go
sometimes my heart feels so empty
so tired of being alone
well, i’m a travelling road dog
this was the life that i chose
but i miss the me that i am with you
more than you’ll ever know

can you hear me calling?

so many people surround me every night
but i’ve never felt so alone
i’m coming back to your loving arms
i’m on the long ride home

i’m calling, i’m on way, on the long ride home

can you hear me calling?