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auburn – my kicks lyrics


woah, may i have your attention please someone has just scuffed up my new kicks

get back but and don’t scuff my kicks i’m the rabbit but i do no tricks drippin colors yea your girl so sick get back and don’t scuff my kicks i’m the rabbit but i do no tricks bring it back man j.r. its a hit

[verse 1]
see me with scuffed kicks it was probaly from a haters feelin retro catch me with cuck taylors rock dcs when i’m dressin like a skater candy colord kicks i call em now and laters hard to choose all different flavors ice cream nikes vans and alligators i got them new ones rocking them dark vadors she stepped on my kicks (somebody better save her)
i treat my kicks like babys some people they think i’m crazy but them the ones that don’t phase me thats why they kicks so outdated
stepped in the function they like ayo, ayo
shoes so bright they like playdough, playdough
yo shoes off white they like mayo, mayo
step on my shoes ill end up in jail, jail


[verse 2]
you can’t really hate if you ain’t got no money the way that you poseing as if i’m a dummy might be’s ain’t nikes girl you so funny face carrot color just call me bugs bunny the styles of the unos yea they so lovely exclusive you know thats why they love stay in the box sos they don’t get dusty kicks so cool more ice then a slushy
my shoes is like my homies
didn’t choose them they chose me
i got more game then kobe
thats why my kicks stay one me
both my homies is like no moe no moe
stare so hard take photo, photo
ginuine pair check the logo logo
you stepped on my kicks (o no)


yo listen up homie

i, i, i love my kicks every single got to have no matter where i am you see they fit i love my kicks [repeat]

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