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australis – synapse collapse lyrics


conscience- declaring intent
allusion of illusionary life

mind reeling – blind
indemnified night
gray and clouded;
your judgment, maligned

schizophrenia… sets in

fleeting infidelities
antiquity, a church spire;
dislocation, suddenly in the parlour

spatial time, misconstrued
familiar faces, confused

ties to life, recalcitrant
neural synapses, collapsing

within the mind: desiccation
memories, blurred
a faltering perception of time

all that you were, now inversed
foreboding thoughts, your curse
strangers made, of those you once knew
sanity, an impossibility

now they come, wraiths in the night
invaders, in every sense of the word
your mortal coil, bound to their plight
ambuscading, your very soul

frantic, scathing inside
your every move

existence… coming to end

imagination; going insane
apperception, never the same
mentality, wracking your brain
your sanity: in disbelief

those around you, now enemies
hacking frantically; deplorable
beating pulse, driving you mad

dashing your head,
to end the voices;
unable to live with what you’ve done…