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authority zero – undivided lyrics


stepping out alone into the faces that you had never seen
with sights set on your sense of urgency
i’ll tell ya what this all looks like to me
it’s sinking ships and cast a-ways
with their hands stretched out and led astray
a dying wish on an endless sea
are we all drifting away?
this is the last of our days
can this be what we’ve been dying to say?

or have we all been divided
while the struggle carries on?
in a world that set its standards
and a life worth living on
in the face of this united
while the silence stands alone
the loss won’t be forgotten
these new pages make us strong

well here we are are we sleeping?
i could have sworn my head was spinning
now we’re running round in circles to no end
can you see it?
because i don’t want to know what we’re thinking
it seems we’re running from the truth
and that the cycle has started again
are we breathing?
who knows
there’s no remorse in our eyes
in the end it’s what we’re trying to find

this is it
this is it
carry on
carry on

we must stand united
we must make it through
you see we live this life together
i know we’ll make it someday soon

yeah we’ve all been divided
the struggle carries on
this world has set its standards
this life’s worth living on