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auxxk – notice lyrics


canibal auxxk, on opp, though scope
aim for the jugular, knock out ya throat

hold up no face, it’s no case
ain’t no witness, streets sweeping
no tickets, just k!ll all them n-ggas
ain’t giving no lecture, it’s anime n-gga
that 30 make rattles, no battle, we hit it
ain’t chatting, dramatics, can’t happen ain’t wit it, no singing, just fiddles, cause it ain’t no middle, f-ck is a pity, i’m aiming for mentals, fuel, fuel to my fire might say that i’m mental, been burning up grabba, to edge off my temper, not patience at all, i can’t f-ck wit the simple

aim at ya head, i might give you some dimple, i feel like ripper, make art out yo temple, can’t hear them regardless, don’t care what they sent for
f-ck off my d-ck, do you copy that 10 4
might cop me a 30, cause n-ggas done heard me
concerning not really, cause n-ggas not scary
96 berry, these n-ggas going fear me
and if you don’t feel me me, you prolly ain’t hear me

all black wit no mask, it’s about to get scary, no cap, i might blast, i can’t f-ck wit no hearing, no question, get slept, if you question my person

what can i say, man my n-ggas be lurking, so if you keep talking, you better be certain

pop up behind like, like hope worth it
gl-ss on ya chin, we might fold you like surface
p-ssing out smoke, just to show we no churching
yo ceiling on fire, they calling me kirk
yo family be crying, to holes in the dirt

minor psychosis i gave up the percs
so n-ggas not safe, you get sent off this earth

testing before, but i’m back, i won’t lack
pants won’t be sagging, cause i got strap

so please do not touch me
ain’t fond all that

this ain’t no joke, you ain’t watching all that
beam on ya throat, while i shoot out the vats

shook when you see me like, like what was all that

now ain’t ironic, yo head on ya back

thor the reaction, ain’t way back