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avail – stride lyrics


i see different now as i view the rushing all around but that’s the breaks i’ve taken in too much hate

but still i’ll struggle to remember what i’ve learned before so i’ll let that p-ss me by and renew what is mine

i know i have the strength to break away ’cause i knowthe language everyone’s speaking today

who’s to say what stays the same who’s to say that i’m to blame no one ever said that i would stay the same

i fear the twist around and i feel the wrong that i have found too many times i’ve been disgraced so i’ll look to another place

but i never want to turn around and see that face again it’s not embarr-ssment but somewhere down the road it’s got to end research yourself research that place but i don’t know where to begin i understand i think i’ve just seen the end

no one ever said that i would feel no pain that you would stay the same that i would always change who’s to say what stays the same not me