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avatar – emperors of the night lyrics


the light has killed my deepest emotions
my thoughts are as snowed winterfields
i am one with the pit, enemy of the sun
immortal is what i will become
i fear the day, live by the shadows of mephistopheles
we became the emperors of the night,
the destroyers of the crucifix
on lonely nights i dance with the wintershadows
and satisfy my deepest desires
evil powers bestow upon me and feast with me,
the powers of the th-rned moon nanna is with us
emperors of the night
i open my arms, cold winds blow through my soul
my eyes look into the black mirror
now i see it clear, eternal darkness shines
through the gate, i will follow…
hate lives by my side, vengeance is my desire
i drink your blood from the chalice of abaddon
i howl as a wolf of fenriz
i belong to the eternal shadows
emperors of the night