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averse sefira – refractions of an exploded singularity lyrics


witness to an endless storming cosmos
casting towards the cold empty beyond
beatific flares tear at my skein
divination strains to chart a course

hull ignites and alters
to form a hurtling pyre
flames my panegyric
will my cynosure

torrid in resistance
tearing through the veil
chaos screaming
parallax is mine alone

dreams as navigation
holds of airless might
boundaries of compression
violent in my wake

tethers slash hide
layers of time expand
perception now proc-mbent
echoes polarized

rushing headlong, streaming ashen lies
terrible portent lodged, drishti binds my mind
symbiotic predestination
terminus: divined

prisons unbound
mandala divides the light
tetrarchic prayers
answer prismatically

doom spreading from below
roots anch-r-d in death
culminate as one
dissipate as null

cyclical existence of failure
punctured through thaumaturgical siege
immersed in a world of sh-lls
all life within evaporates

memetic weaponry
averred against
gammadion wings
inferno in my mind

founder beneath the sun
thrumming howls of demon
pushing aside the ruin of thought
mantled in schematic litanies

chains of execration
no longer binding me
my essence forged in canopic restraint

reborn in parallax
the primordial soul