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abazagorath – lifeless lyrics


stare into the emptiness, that is in my eyes. feel the cold draw you in. plummet into the void
i walk upon your earth, yet i am not here. i see your wretched existence, yet i feel nothing
a moribund soul, trapped in mortal flesh. i am among you, yet i am lifeless. i’ve felt your scorn,
you’ve attacked me and tried to break me. your chains have tried to bind me

wounded so many times, that now i feel no pain. my body an empty vessel, devoid of what you call a soul
why should i fear the h-ll that you speak of when it fills the emptiness left by my dying essence

a moribund soul trapped in mortal flesh, i am among you yet i am lifeless

do you dare to know, the contempt that festers, the disgust that storms, in these internal chasms, how can one with no heart, feel what you call love
detached from the pettiness of your miserable cycle, breeding, wasting, perishing. a swarm of filthy insects. in time i’ve come to learn that my humanity was a necessary sacrifice
in order to be granted the greater wisdom, i am towering over your weakness, you crawl so far below, cower as my iron-clad spite descends to crush
a moribund soul, trapped in mortal flesh. i am among you, yet i am lifeless

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