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abysmal grief – crypt of horror lyrics


tonight the moon no longer shines
the dark invades the graveyard
eagerly i walk the path that leads into the crypt
the votive lamps are flickering
casting shadows all round
i graze the slabs and try to hear
the rustling from inside
hail! hail! sorrow hail! keeper of this garden
the smell of dead which fills the air
exalts your mournful realm
i leave the place of light and sun
where people fear the gloom
and silently i celebrate
the world beyond the tomb

into the crypt…
crypt of horror

nothing seems to dwell this side,
a so material silence
but the damp way of spirits’ come
is far from being so dumb
i reached a place i didn’t know
whose light comes from their past lives
the exciting vibes of ancient spells
reveal the arts practised

into the crypt…
crypt of horror

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