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adam sandler – creepin’ on the mayor lyrics


oh, sh-t, is that them crazy f-cks from across town? they
didn’t see me, did they? f-ck it, they headin this way! d-mn!
gotta be somewhere to hide around here! no bushes, no
trees, what the f-ck!? i’ll just hide my -ss in this garbage can!
there we go, safe and sound… no motherf-cker’s gonna find
me here! sh-t, i’ll just wash my clothes later!
where’d you run to, you candy -ss motherf-cker?
you can hide all you want, but when we find you we still gonna
f-ck you up! see you tomorrow, b-tch!
no you won’t, cause i’m gonna stay in my bas-m-nt all day…
i sure fooled them stupid f-cks, hehehe…
i’ll be right there honey! just let me throw these dirty diapers out!
okay, baby
man, they stink! that baby couldn’t stop sh-ttin today!
i know, baby
i don’t care, baby sh-t don’t mean nothin cause i’m safe and
sound! sh-t, no one can f-ck with me in this tin can! i’m a
motherf-ckin untouchable! yeah, yeah!

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