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afterworld – virtual angel lyrics


darling, tonight all your sins will be forgiven, tonight your dreams will come true…
my life`s like empty black room, without future, without love
my world`s like empty black hole, all the hope has gone forever
would you give me something surprising, tell me some reason to live
would you show me something worth trying, tell me one reason to live
this cold world is a lonely place, no caring, no real love
everyone`s building their dreams, my hope has gone forever
every night i can see the light, my angel`s shining on my screen
my time has stopped, i wanna do it again
i see you in virtual reality, no blood no pain
i`m loving in virtual reality
i see you in virtual reality, no blood no pain
i`m living in virtual angel
my virtual angel
darling, your game is over…

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