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alyssa milano – step by step lyrics


boy i need some warm affection
you got the love to give to me
we can make a strong connection
if only you’ll just let it be

feel my heart beating fast
catch me i’m falling
don’t leave me wishing on a star
you can’t change destiny
i’m gonna make you see
our love was always meant to be

step by step – inch by inch
boy i got your number
come on let me in
step by step – inch by inch
no way you can fight it
no way you can win

there ain’t no way boy

one-two-three – so easy baby
to be together you and me
don’t be shy – don’t drive me crazy
i’ll find a way to make you see

gotta get next to you
the sooner the better
let’s make this more than just a dream
give me a little sign
no need to hurry time
i know i’m gonna make you mine

(repeat 2)

there’s nothing left to say
don’t make me wait this way
won’t you give me a chance
i’ll show you true romance

(repeat 1)

(repeat 2)

step by step i’ll make you mine
no question and no doubt
no matter how long it might take
this girl’s gonna wait it out
so come on boy now d0n’t be shy
and give your love to me
it won’t hurt for you to take a chance
it’s as easy as 1 2 3

(repeat 2)

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