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ambient vale – the revelation lyrics

after thousands of years of sinful desire
mankind finally approaches the divine doorstep
as they will face the repercussions of their filth
the king shall unleash his righteous wrath upon the earth

emerge from the abyssal sea
oh beast of evil and deceit
show them who they truly need
to save them from their evil deeds

forming from the sky
pillars of fire, tearing the crust
you can see from the sky
the bleeding waters
and departing souls chained in h-llfire

the lost are lost forever more
the purified are brought up forever more
the truth revealed
and the wicked’s fate is concealed
it is concealed forever more

will they even surp-ss the mark of the beast?
as he rids humanity of their needs
people lose their sanity
and drown in the bl–dy sea
lost forever
an eternity of suffering in their own iniquity

- ambient vale lyrics

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