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ameriqa – flexxing & fine$in’ lyrics



i hit that blow i go nirvana
she on that pole working for gualla
she know the code for free designer
came to my show i came inside her

verse 01:

flexxing on decimals f-ck me a b-tch outta mexico
boy oh boy that neck exceptional tight p-ssy highly injectable
(i just record) for more of the vegetables till my pockets are full
(pray to the lord) that you stay flexible or i might just let you go

posting up pics with my side hoes both of them willing to ride
hoping my chick never find those or she gon bring homa to side
all of my life i’ve been told that i’ll be nothing more then some sh-t for a fly
i hate to correct them but bruh i might be a piece of a sh-t but i’m fly


count my money slow innie mini minnie
need more racks on top of racks lesser rats that rat
visualized a pot of gold mommy in a shiny home
that’s why all i ever known

flexxin’ & finessin’
all of my b-tches impressive
started from trenches now we in that section
found us a way to go heal the depression
call it my biggest confession
flexxin’ & finessin’
all of my brothas they way too aggressive
to come out the gutter a h-lla of a blessing
that’s why we counting up benjamins restless
teaching them young boys a lesson

bridge 02:

flexxin’ & finessin’ finessin’ finessin’
flex! flex! ya ya
flexxin finessin finessin
flexxin’ or finessin’

verse 02:

big up to my momma you raised a persona
walked out of the courtroom, f-ck you and your honor
the ones loving comedy don’t want no drama
i’m calling my lama my papa and papa go po po po

tell my buds to buckle up
(4 deep in a blue benz)
got keys and we pumping that base
(they call us the blues band)
(they telling me lies to my face)
so no more excuses
p-ss on the contract and rip it up
f-ck all your producers


see the problem with you mothaf-ckas
you ain’t never creating no new sh-t you ain’t repping that raw sh-t
as for me? i get my inspiration from the highest weed in the dispensary
travis what up! tory what up!

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