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andrew lloyd webber – mermaid song lyrics


i am a mermaid
with golden hair…

i’ve never seen one like you!

not all us mermaids
have silver tails —
i have no tail at all!

well, i’ve never,
seen any mermaids
with kn-bbly knees!
i’d say this tale
was a touch too tall,
maybe a touch too tall…

sailors would smash on
my jagged rock,
lured by my siren’s song…

it isn’t the
song of the siren
that tortures men —
that’s where your theory
goes sadly wrong,
that’s where it all goes wrong…

i thought you’d know better,
you know nothing
about mermaids.

alex: (wry)
you know nothing
about sailors…

i do!
much more than you!
if you were a sailor
and heard my song,
would you be lured by me?

i wouldn’t be
foolish enough to
go near your rock —
i’d steer my galleon out to sea…

…lonely and lost at sea…

- andrew lloyd webber lyrics

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