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andrew norsworthy – ohio lyrics


where are you?
i’m in ohio
the city i’m in was yours as a kid
as far as i know, far as i know

you left a message for me
i kept it a year
i played it and waited
for you to reappear

so where are you?
i’m in ohio
if i had my way i’d be gone today
but where would i go?
where would i go?

i like a punk girl here
i like her dyed black hair
i like her thread bare t-shirt
i like her stained gl-ss stare

but she’s not you
you’re not in ohio
so why should i care if you wonder where
where did i go?
where did i go?

nothing here is mine x2

november blood is on the hunting field
and i wish that i could know
how the hunted feel

i’m in ohio x2

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