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andrew norsworthy – stardust motel lyrics


stop the arguing, please.
i was working on the memory of the rhythm of her breathing,
when she’s fast asleep.
so much sweeter than the sound,
of people disagreeing.

like the ghost of gasoline,
stays clinging to your fingers
i’m haunted by her whispers as well,
and i’m singing on my knees cause i don’t have a prayer.
all along.
in the stardust motel

you’ve got a devil on each shoulder and no one left to talk to.
keep your bright eyes up,
and never let them tell you what doors not to walk through.
all the citizens are sleeping ,
and city lights just flicker,
waiting for cathedral bells.

i’m bleary eyed and burning,
through the shivers of my fever.
all along.
in the stardust motel.
aaaaah x 2
oh yeah

stuck up in a neon castle,
with a ferris wheel of dreams
you and me
what a story to tell.
i’m telling it tonight.
i’m singing to myself.
in the stardust motel.
the stardust motel

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